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Seeking Compensation After a Drunk Driving Injury: Can I File a Lawsuit?

While the holidays are a time for happiness and celebration, they also sadly bring with them an increase in the risk of drunk driving accidents on New York's highways. As Read More

Filing a Lawsuit for Abuse in a New York Assisted Living Facility

New York Elder Abuse Lawyer Discuss Your Legal Rights Elder abuse in assisted living facilities is a disturbing and widespread problem that needs to be addressed right away. We at The Read More

Injuries From Auto Accidents in New York

Winter's layer of snow on New York's streets can rapidly turn once-picturesque views into dangerous driving conditions. As a devoted personal injury legal office, The Licatesi legal Group is aware Read More

Be Cautious of Dangerous Toys During The Holiday Season

It's important for parents and those who give gifts to know about the possible risks connected to specific kid's toys. At The Licatesi Law Group, we recognize how important it Read More

Have You Suffered from Lead Paint Exposure in New York?

Lead paint exposure, a concealed danger that can have severe repercussions for both residents and visitors, is prevalent in New York, a city renowned for its vibrant architecture and rich Read More

What Are Asbestos Health Risks in New York?

The bustling metropolis of New York, with its long history, is home to several hidden hazards that could have disastrous effects on its citizens. One such hidden danger is asbestos Read More

Injuries From Food & Restaurants

New York is a culinary mecca known for its varied gastronomic environment. Nevertheless, the appeal of this gastronomic expedition is not without its hazards. Unregulated food quality presents a substantial Read More

What Can You Do About Sexual Misconduct?

The unpleasant truth is that sexual misconduct is still a common problem in New York, a city known for its vibrancy and diversity. Victims of this crime often struggle with Read More

New York Lawyers Discuss Joint Replacement Risks

Exactech Joint Replacement has grown in popularity as a treatment option for people looking for more mobility and relief from joint discomfort in recent years. However, there may be unanticipated Read More

Injuries Involving Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF)

Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) is an essential tool in the emergency response and firefighting sectors when it comes to battling flammable liquid fires. However, the usage of AFFF has been Read More

Law Firm Discusses Damages From Hair Relaxers in New York

Many people use hair relaxers to obtain smooth, straight haircuts in an attempt to acquire beauty. However, there may be risks associated with using these products that go beyond merely Read More

New York Weight Loss Drug Lawsuits Unveiled

Individuals seeking a better lifestyle are frequently drawn to drugs that offer both diabetes treatment and weight loss. However, there are risks and hazards associated with using drugs such as Read More

A New York Law Firm's Insights on Online Harassment and Cyberbullying Laws

Social media has become a vital part of our lives in the digital era, connecting us internationally while altering our impressions of ourselves and others. However, the darker side of Read More

Gardasil: Unveiling the Complexities of Vaccine-Related Injuries

Vaccines are critical in the effort to protect public health. Gardasil, a vaccine meant to protect against particular strains of human papillomavirus (HPV), has been widely used to prevent cervical Read More

New York Cellar Door Accidents & Injuries

The busy streets of New York City conceal a slew of hidden perils, some of which lie just beneath thesurface. Falling through a cellar door, which often goes unreported, can Read More

Injuries From Head-On Collisions In New York

New York City, famous for its busy streets and never-ending traffic, sadly bears witness to an alarming number of accidents. Among these, head-on collisions pose a significant threat to the Read More

Viewing 17 - 32 out of 284 posts


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