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Ensuring Safety in New York's Public Spaces: The Legal Responsibility of Security Measures

In a fast-paced society where we frequently navigate diverse public environments, ensuring safety is paramount. However, accidents can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, sometimes due to a failure to maintain sufficient Read More

Celebrating National Volunteer Week: How Our NY Law Firm Gives Back to the Community

The New Life Church, located in the center of Hempstead, functions as a crucial center for community assistance. Pastor Corbett recently emphasized the significant influence of our relationship, underscoring our Read More

Municipal or Public Entity Liability

Municipal responsibility is an important aspect that frequently arises in the field of personal injury law. At The Licatesi Law Group, we acknowledge the importance of comprehending this intricate legal Read More

NYC Subway Injury Lawyers

The subway system in New York City is essential for the millions of inhabitants and visitors in the busy city. Nevertheless, in the middle of the everyday commotion and activity, Read More

Attorneys Discuss Exposure to Toxic Materials

Being a prominent personal injury law firm, we comprehend the major impact that toxic material exposure may have on the physical and mental well-being of workers. Join us as we Read More

Electrical Injuries in New York

Electrocution incidents are traumatic occurrences that can happen suddenly, resulting in victims sustaining serious injuries and even death. As a prominent personal injury law firm, we comprehend the severe repercussions Read More

Advocacy for Escalator Accident Victims in New York

Escalators are frequently seen in shopping malls, train stations, and office buildings, serving as a handy means of transport for millions of individuals on a regular basis. Nevertheless, in cases Read More

The Licatesi Law Group's $3 Million Victory in Birth Injury Case

The act of bringing a child into existence is often expected to be a joyful event. However, for certain families, it can transform into a distressing experience as a result Read More

Equal Rights: Undocumented Laborers Granted Legal Protections in New York

At the Licatesi Law Group, we hold a strong conviction that all individuals, irrespective of immigration status, are entitled to just treatment and equitable compensation in cases involving injuries caused Read More

Hurt In An Elevator In New York?

Elevators, despite appearing to be ordinary components of our everyday environment, have the potential to present substantial hazards in the event that safety protocols are disregarded. The Licatesi Law Group Read More

How Michael Licatesi, Esq. Secured $175,000 for a Slip-and-Fall Victim

Although slip-and-fall incidents can transpire in any location, the legal ramifications are distinct based on whether the fall takes place on private or public property. As an established personal injury Read More

The Licatesi Law Group Secures $750,000 Settlement Despite Client's Pre-existing Medical Conditions

One might inquire whether it is still possible to pursue legal action in order to obtain compensation for a personal injury sustained in New York State, notwithstanding a prior injury. Read More

Electrocution Accidents - What You Need To Know

Electrocution incidents are not only distressing but also significantly transformative, frequently leading to profound physical harm and enduring repercussions. Recognizing the gravity of such occurrences, the attorneys at The Licatesi Read More

Auto Accident While On The Job in New York

Particularly for those whose occupations require them to spend extended periods of time on the road, such as mailmen and delivery workers, accidents may occur unexpectedly amidst the frenzy of Read More

Over $800k Settlement for a 69-Year-Old with Spinal Degeneration and Osteoporosis After a Motor Vehicle Collision

At The Licatesi Law Group, our commitment extends beyond obtaining compensation for clients who have experienced personal injuries. We are as enthusiastic about proactively preventing such injuries from occurring. Regardless Read More

Can I Sue If I Was Injured At Work?

Work-related accidents, especially on construction sites, can result in severe injury or death. The Licatesi Law Group expresses profound sorrow over the terrible tragedy at a construction site collapse in Read More

Viewing 17 - 32 out of 315 posts


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