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If you are not able to work due to an accident, you may be entitled to no fault lost wages compensation. The importance of resting and healing after an accident can be imperative at times. New York No Fault laws recognize this importance and you can be reimbursed for a percentage of your lost earnings.

What does No Fault Insurance Cover After An Accident?


No Fault insurance will compensate the victim of an accident for 80% of lost earnings from work, with a ceiling of $2,000 per month. For example, if you earn $1,000 a month, No Fault insurance will provide you with $800.00 in lost wage compensation. The 80% of lost earnings payout from No Fault is valid for up to three years after the accident occurred.

Steps for Acquiring No Fault Lost Wages Compensation

The Licatesi Law Group will assist you every step of the way in making a proper no fault claim. A correctly completed claim is critical in obtaining the lost wage compensation you are entitled to.

Step 1: Complete the No Fault application (NF-2): This application requests specific personal information such as name, address and phone number. The application will also ask you to describe the accident and how much time you have missed from work.

Step 2: Wage Verification Form: Follow up with your employer to complete the wage verification form (NF-6) sent by the insurance carrier.

Step 3: Obtain a Doctor’s note: It is imperative to obtain a doctor notes detailing that the accident was the direct cause of your inability to work. A new note must be sent every 30 days to the insurance company. If not, it can result in the denial of your claim.

Situations Where No Reimbursement for Lost Wages Will Occur

The Licatesi Law Group knows that there are certain scenarios where No Fault lost wages reimbursement will not be appropriate. Circumstances where the person was drunk, had an uninsured vehicle or was driving a stolen car are all situations where No Fault lost wages will not be awarded.

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