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Injuries in nursing homes happen all too often and can be life-threatening for the vulnerable residents who suffer them. At Licatesi Law Group, LLP, we apply our four decades of experience in personal injury law to help nursing home residents obtain the compensation they need and deserve for their pain and suffering. From our offices in Brooklyn and Uniondale, we represent clients throughout New York City, including the 5 boroughs and Long Island, who are seeking justice after a nursing home accident.

What kinds of injuries can one get in a nursing home?

According to the federal Department of Health and Human Services, of the 1.6 million individuals in nursing homes, more than half suffer falls each year, and a third fall more than once. Approximately 65,000 of the fall victims suffer hip fractures, and others sustain head injuries and broken bones.

Nursing home patients may also suffer injuries or illness due to neglect. Examples are bedsores from not being moved often enough or malnutrition, dehydration and drastic weight loss from not being fed properly. While most nursing homes take injury avoidance seriously, too many are understaffed or poorly maintained, which can lead to medical malpractice and other types of negligence. Our attorneys take nursing home abuse and neglect seriously and will advocate for your elderly family member.

Faulty equipment can be to blame for injuries in long-term-care facilities

Nursing home patients are at higher risk of falls due to intrinsic factors such as age, pre-existing conditions and chronic illness. But extrinsic factors include faulty equipment and other environmental hazards. If respiratory aids, heart monitors and dialysis machines are used improperly or wires or stands are left in the way of the patient, falls or other injury can result.

Examples of faulty equipment causing injury include:

  • Unstable furniture
  • Unstable bed wheels
  • Ineffective wheelchair brakes
  • Missing equipment parts

Whatever the cause of the injury, if faulty equipment was partly or wholly responsible, you may be able to hold a manufacturer or other third party responsible in a personal injury claim. Our firm will investigate the accident and determine whether it was caused by the nursing facility, a third party or both.

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Proven litigators explain how to spot abuse or neglect of your loved ones

Unfortunately, neglect in nursing homes is all too common. When visiting your loved one, watch for these warning signs of neglect or abuse:

  • Dehydration — Medication, illness or a kidney issue can cause dehydration as can limited access to liquids for bedridden patients. Look for symptoms such as confusion, dizziness, dry mouth, difficulty walking, sunken eyes, constipation, low blood pressure and low urine output.
  • Malnutrition — Dementia, medication, illness and depression are all common reasons elderly people stop eating well. Symptoms may include weight loss, fatigue, muscle weakness, feeling cold and inability to concentrate.
  • Rapid weight loss or weight gain — Poor diet, medication, depression, illness and dementia are all potential causes of dramatic weight changes.
  • Unclean living conditions — The condition of your loved one’s room, bathroom, dining room and other areas can make them sick. Check for signs that cleaning is cursory or irregular.

Our decades of experience representing vulnerable seniors inform every nursing home matter we tackle. We hold facilities responsible for our clients’ injuries, including those resulting from neglect. Our attorneys will investigate the circumstances of your loved one’s injury, consult experts and assess your case in holding negligent healthcare providers accountable for the harm they’ve caused.

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