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The Licatesi Law Group has successfully represented and recovered substantial compensation for healthcare providers across New York State for almost four decades and proudly retains the industry’s highest arbitration success rate. Anthony Licatesi is considered a pioneer in the no-fault collection industry and frequently lectures attorneys and healthcare providers regarding New York State No-fault laws “Regulation 68” (11NYCRR65). Mr. Licatesi has also successfully defended physicians in Federal Civil RICO complex healthcare litigation. As a result of our unmatched experience, we can handle ALL aspects of No-Fault litigation including:


  • Rebutting medical necessity claims via peer review and Independent Medical Exams (IME);
  • Expertly preparing you for examinations under oath (EUO) and representing you at the
  • Overcoming procedural and technical defects in the carriers denials;
  • Counseling on a vast number of issues including responses to verification requests, fee schedule,
    medical necessity language and compliance; and
  • Seamlessly handling high volume practices and working effectively with billing companies;
  • No-Fault Compliance.

Allow us to Successfully Overcome the Intricacies of No-Fault

The increased resistance by the insurance companies in paying claims has added to the complexity of filing no-fault arbitrations. Since the New York State No-Fault Insurance System began, the original framework has transformed many times and has become too difficult and burdensome for medical providers to navigate. The Licatesi Law Group routinely lectures on these changes and advises medical providers on overcoming the insurance companies roadblocks. We not only provide legal assistance but, make our trained managerial staff available directly to the health care providers. Our in-office training staff answers any and all questions and helps educate billers and collectors so we can WIN YOUR CASES and COLLECT MONEY DUE AND OWING TO YOU!

Get ahead of the Insurance Company

If you anticipate your patient’s insurance company will deny no-fault benefits, or if the Insurance company is scheduling an IME for the patient, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your client. First, it is very important that whenever the patient is being treated, your findings are frequently documented and carefully updated. If possible, within a week of the IME, conduct an examination of the patient and record, in great detail, the patient’s injuries. Documentation of a contemporaneous re-evaluation is your best tool against a potential denial of benefits.

Some of the documents that you will need to pursue no-fault arbitration may include:

  • Assignment of benefits
  • Unpaid bills
  • Medical reports
  • Treatment notes
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Follow-up examinations
  • Proof of mailing records
  • Rebuttals
  • Correspondence received and sent to the insurance carrier

By remaining loyal to the arbitration system, The Licatesi Law Group has successfully and expeditiously negotiated early settlements faster than the industry standard. If you are concerned about a patient being denied no-fault benefits based upon an “IME” (insurance medical examination), speak to the most experienced New York based law firm regarding no-fault collections. Our attorneys are also experienced personal injury trial attorneys with a deep-rooted knowledge of musculoskeletal and orthopedic medicine which gives us a competitive advantage at the arbitration hearing. 

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