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Families put their trust in a health care facility to care for their loved ones compassionately and with proper care. When this trust is violated, the individuals at fault must be held accountable for the pain and suffering of those that were mistreated and injured.

New York State Patients are protected


A bed sore or pressure ulcer is a painful sore that occurs when the individual is not ambulated correctly for an extended period. In New York State, the law protects the innocent victims that sustain bed sore injuries. Employees of any health care facility must move and rotate the patient especially if the patients are unable to do so for themselves. When the employees of a nursing home or hospital fail to do this, they can be found liable under the law.

An individual who suffers a bed sore can experience life threatening infections which may cause death. Common areas at risk are the head, back, shoulder blades, and other areas of the body that are neglected if the patient is not moved.

Keeping an accurate record is important

When you find a bed sore on your family member, it can be a dreadful discovery. That’s why it is important to make a record of the individual’s treatment. In bed sore litigation claims, most likely an expert medical professional will be called to speak about how the bed sore occurred. Be sure to speak with an employee of the facility to ensure that the family members treatment is recorded accurately and properly. Please also keep a log backed with photos, videos and/or recordings.

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