Attorney-Advocate for No-Fault Healthcare Providers  


If you are a doctor or medical provider, our attorneys can help you receive payment for services rendered to patients under New York’s no-fault auto insurance laws. Our highly specialized no-fault attorneys have a unique level of experience in no-fault litigation and arbitration. We offer the knowledge and skill developed over four decades of practice in this area to bring about the best possible outcome for our no-fault doctors.

The no-fault auto insurance system is complicated and can be costly for health care providers. The application of no-fault laws and regulations are ever-changing. Our attorneys understand the complexity of the system and provide aggressive advocacy to successfully resolve no-fault claims, usually resulting in two percent per month in interest penalties to the doctor!

The key to the success of a no-fault claim is to start with proper claim handling. The staff at our firm provides advice and guidance from the beginning of the claims process. Preparation is crucial to prevail in a no-fault dispute. Our trained professionals can review and evaluate billing procedures to identify deficiencies to avoid unnecessary delays in payment of claims.

Too often, insurance companies will contest the medical necessity of treatment or the need for diagnostic testing. Insurance companies constantly dispute or plainly refuse to pay medical bills. As a medical provider, your business depends on whether you can get paid for physical therapy, chiropractic treatment or tests such as MRIs and EMG/NCV studies. Our lawyers can help doctors and providers understand their legal options and determine whether to arbitrate or litigate against no-fault insurance companies.

If you choose to arbitrate a claim, let our attorneys guide you through the no-fault arbitration process. No-fault arbitration claims in New York are handled through the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Our office provides invaluable insight in submitting these arbitration requests to AAA. The evidence filed with the request for arbitration is the foundation for the legal arguments that will go before the arbitrator. It is therefore critical that the requisite documents are included with that request. Our staff knows what needs to be incorporated to be successful. Throughout our decades of experience, we have seen every potential denial an insurance company may put forth and have successfully defended against all. We are committed to advocating for our clients and vigorously representing their interests to ensure the no-fault payment is made.

We are dedicated to resolving our clients’ no-fault disputes creatively through arbitration or litigation to achieve success. Our firm provides services to all medical and medical related providers including orthopedists, neurologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, pharmacists, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, surgery centers and more. As our client you will get the individualized attention and professional service that have been the benchmarks of our practice.

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