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Whether you are a prospective first-time homebuyer, seller, or investor, you would be well advised to obtain the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney in any transaction involving real property. Real estate transactions are complicated matters with associated risks and costs. A skilled real estate attorney can protect your interests while helping you avoid costly mistakes. The quality of the representation you get from The Licatesi Law Group can make a big difference in the outcome of your legal matter. We proudly serve the  communities of greater New York City, including the five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk counties from our convenient office locations located in Brooklyn and Uniondale, Long Island. Our firm has the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective legal representation for matters ranging from reviewing and drafting contracts and leases, to guiding buyers and sellers through residential real estate closings and commercial and short sales transactions, just to name a few.

What Sets Us Apart?

For over 40 years The Licatesi Law Group, LLP has been serving individuals and businesses throughout Long Island and Greater New York with proven success. We understand that there are many choices for legal services. Through hard work and attention to clients’ needs and concerns, we have earned a strong reputation for legal excellence and delivering outstanding, quality services to the Long Island community. Our attorneys personally handle every aspect of our client files from initial consultation through final resolution. We respond to all inquiries quickly and always keep our clients informed at every stage of their matter.

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The intricacies of closing a New York real estate deal are not taught in law school or dealt with in many other real estate markets. It seems obvious, but some clients make the mistake of selecting any lawyer. For example, some might choose a family friend who helped with a divorce or the lawyer who prepared a will for them. Not every lawyer is thoroughly educated in the field of real estate, leaving them vulnerable to make easy mistakes which may end up costing you more money. At The Licatesi Law Group, we have attorneys specializing in Real Estate and can help you navigate any situation you might find yourself in. Any transaction involving specific details should be supported by a lawyer specialized in the field of real estate, and we have them readily available to provide any assistance you may need. Our attorneys at The Licatesi Law Group have handled several thousands of transactions and have years of experience. We have seen it all and will provide the right guidance and advice during every step of your transaction.

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