At The Licatesi Law Group, we recognize that maneuvering through the intricate legal aspects of personal injury cases can be intimidating, particularly when undergoing physical and emotional recuperation. In order to offer transparency and direction, we have gathered responses to commonly asked inquiries from our clients:

  •  What is the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit?

The statute of limitations for initiating a personal injury lawsuit in New York varies based on the specific nature of the accident and the individuals or entities involved. Typically, there is a three-year time limit from the date of the injury during which you must initiate a legal action. Nevertheless, specific conditions can either reduce or prolong this time period. It is imperative to swiftly seek the advice of our seasoned attorneys to guarantee the safeguarding of your rights.

  • Is my personal injury lawsuit subject to confidentiality?

Indeed, your personal injury case will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality. Our company strictly upholds rigorous ethical standards and confidentiality regulations to ensure the protection of your privacy during the legal proceedings.

  •  What if the individual responsible for causing harm to me lacks insurance coverage?

In the event that the party responsible for the incident does not have insurance or has insufficient insurance coverage, you may still have avenues available to seek financial recompense. Our legal team has the capability to investigate alternate options, such as utilizing an uninsured/underinsured driver policy or initiating a personal injury lawsuit against other responsible parties.

  •  What if I bear some responsibility for the accident?

In New York, a comparative negligence system is in place, wherein your compensation may be diminished if you have partial responsibility for the disaster. Nevertheless, you might still have the right to seek compensation that is commensurate with the degree of responsibility of the other party. Our legal experts can evaluate the specific details of your case and advocate for your rights accordingly.

  • Is it possible to pursue a personal injury lawsuit even after accepting a settlement from the insurance company?

Yes, it is possible to pursue a personal injury claim even if you have already agreed to a settlement offered by the insurance company. Receiving a settlement from the insurance company does not automatically prevent you from seeking compensation for personal injuries. Prior to accepting any settlement offers, it is crucial to get advice from our legal counsel to guarantee that you obtain equitable compensation for your injuries and damages.

  • In the event that I require continuous medical care for my injuries, what options are available to me?

If you need continuous medical treatment for your injuries, our company can incorporate future medical costs into your compensation claim. We collaborate with medical professionals to evaluate the complete scope of your injuries and guarantee that you obtain appropriate recompense for your present and future medical requirements.

  • What is the procedure for reaching a settlement in a personal injury case through negotiation?

The process of negotiating a settlement in a personal injury lawsuit involves engaging in discussions and reaching an agreement between the parties involved to resolve the legal dispute and compensate the injured party for their damages. Settlement negotiations entail engaging in discussions with either the insurance company or the opposing party in order to achieve a conclusion that is mutually acceptable. Our legal representatives will champion your interests and engage in negotiations to obtain an equitable and impartial agreement that provides compensation for your injuries and damages.

  • What happens if the insurance company rejects my claim?

In the event that your claim is rejected by the insurance provider, our firm can thoroughly examine the grounds for denial and investigate potential avenues for contesting the decision. This may entail collecting supplementary evidence, presenting a more compelling argument, or pursuing legal recourse through lawsuit if required.

  • What strategies may I utilize to manage medical bills and expenses while waiting for the resolution of my personal injury case?

Our company comprehends the economic burden that medical bills and charges can impose on individuals who have been involved in accidents. We can collaborate with healthcare providers to facilitate the establishment of medical liens or aid you in obtaining medical coverage from your insurance policy while your personal injury case is awaiting resolution.

  • What happens if the party responsible for the accident does not possess sufficient insurance to compensate for the costs of my damages?

If the insurance coverage of the party responsible for the accident is not enough to pay for the damages you have suffered, we can consider other ways to obtain compensation, such as using your own insurance plans or filing a personal injury claim against other parties who are also responsible. Our objective is to guarantee that you obtain the complete and equitable remuneration you are entitled to.

The Licatesi Law Group is dedicated to offering empathetic assistance and expert legal advocacy to those who have suffered personal injuries in New York. If you require additional information or wish to discuss your situation, please feel free to reach out to us at (516) 227-2662 for your free consultation.