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Navigating NYC's Streets: Insights into Cycling, Scootering, and Skateboarding Accidents

New York City turns into a hive of activity as summer approaches. As the weather warms, more people are riding their bikes, scooters, skateboards, and motorbikes through the streets. Although Read More

Understanding Full Coverage Auto Insurance Policies in New York: What You Need to Know

A "full coverage" auto insurance policy may lead New York motorists to believe they are entirely protected in a catastrophe. At The Licatesi Law Group, we frequently come across customers Read More

Navigating NYC Car Accidents: Lawyer Tips

Due to the hectic environment of New York City, road accidents are an unfortunate reality. You may be left confused, baffled and in need of direction regarding how to proceed. Read More

Drunk Driving Dangers

With the arrival of summer, the bustling streets of New York become animated with a sense of activity. The charm of festivities in the sun draws people to attend events Read More

Navigating New York's No-Fault Insurance Maze: Seeking Compensation After a Motor Vehicle Accident with The Licatesi Law Group

After a motor vehicle accident in New York, injured parties who are seeking compensation may find it challenging to understand and deal with the complexities of the state's no-fault insurance Read More

Auto Accident While On The Job in New York

Particularly for those whose occupations require them to spend extended periods of time on the road, such as mailmen and delivery workers, accidents may occur unexpectedly amidst the frenzy of Read More

Over $800k Settlement for a 69-Year-Old with Spinal Degeneration and Osteoporosis After a Motor Vehicle Collision

At The Licatesi Law Group, our commitment extends beyond obtaining compensation for clients who have experienced personal injuries. We are as enthusiastic about proactively preventing such injuries from occurring. Regardless Read More

The Licatesi Law Group Secures $800,000 Award for Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Victim

Motor vehicle accidents are a widespread issue, resulting in a substantial amount of injuries and deaths annually. As a personal injury litigation office committed to meeting our clients' requirements, The Read More

NY Construction Accident Lawyers Discuss Boom Truck Injuries

Bustling with activity and development, construction sites can, regrettably, turn into dangerous accident scenes, with boom truck mishaps posing serious risks. The Licatesi Law Group is steadfast in its dedication Read More

Seeking Compensation After a Drunk Driving Injury: Can I File a Lawsuit?

While the holidays are a time for happiness and celebration, they also sadly bring with them an increase in the risk of drunk driving accidents on New York's highways. As Read More

Injuries From Auto Accidents in New York

Winter's layer of snow on New York's streets can rapidly turn once-picturesque views into dangerous driving conditions. As a devoted personal injury legal office, The Licatesi legal Group is aware Read More

Injuries From Head-On Collisions In New York

New York City, famous for its busy streets and never-ending traffic, sadly bears witness to an alarming number of accidents. Among these, head-on collisions pose a significant threat to the Read More

UPS & Commercial Vehicle Accidents in New York

UPS is a well-known delivery service with a huge fleet of vehicles in New York. Unfortunately, with so many cars on the road, UPS truck accidents can occur, resulting in Read More

Victim of Rear-End Car Crash Wins $650,000 Verdict

New York is a busy city with a dense population and intense traffic, which unfortunately results in several car accidents every day. As a law company that represents those hurt Read More

Bus Accidents in New York - What You Need To Know

More than 3.5 million people utilize the massive public transit system in New York City, which has a population of over 8.5 million. An estimated 1.2 million people travel daily Read More

New York Injury Lawyers Discuss Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are one of the most prevalent kinds of motor vehicle accidents in New York, and they can take place anywhere at any time. However certain locations produce a Read More

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