Winter's layer of snow on New York's streets can rapidly turn once-picturesque views into dangerous driving conditions. As a devoted personal injury legal office, The Licatesi legal Group is aware of the increased dangers associated with car accidents in bad winter weather and is committed to making sure that victims get the assistance and money they are due when these accidents occur. Winter weather presents a variety of difficulties for drivers, since elements including wind, snow, sleet, rain, and black ice greatly raise the risk of motor vehicle accidents. The hazardous circumstances may result in decreased visibility, slick roads, and impaired vehicle control, all of which may increase the number of collisions.

Wintertime auto accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, each of which poses unique difficulties for the sufferers. Both soft tissue injuries affecting muscles and ligaments as well as whiplash, a frequent injury characterized by neck strain and pain, can arise from sudden stops and accidents. A winter-related accident's power of impact can cause fractures and fractured bones, impacting different body areas. Concussions and traumatic brain injuries are among the possible head injuries, particularly in cases when airbags deploy or there is a direct hit to the head. Collisions may also cause damage to the spinal cord and spine, which might have long-term effects including paralysis. Internal organ damage brought on by an accident's force presents a significant and maybe fatal risk. Wintertime car crashes can also cause mental discomfort in victims, who may experience anxiety, sadness, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The Licatesi Law Group is a steadfast supporter of those injured in car accidents. Our dedication extends to a range of legal services, starting with the in-depth understanding of personal injury legislation possessed by our legal team, which is especially useful in situations involving accidents during inclement weather. We skillfully handle these matters' intricacies to deliver efficient representation. Our strategy entails carrying out painstaking investigations into the events leading up to winter-related mishaps, gathering information, conferring with specialists, and estimating the degree of injury sustained by victims. Working together with medical experts is essential to our approach because it makes a direct link between the victims' particular injuries and the winter catastrophe. The Licatesi Law Group, renowned for its forceful legal representation, strives nonstop to uphold our clients' rights and pursue the highest amount of money from responsible parties. Our main goal is to get victims of winter-related auto accidents the greatest amount of compensation possible. This includes paying for their medical bills, resolving their mental anguish, pain and suffering, and any other damages.

It is imperative that you take swift and calculated action if you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident during the winter. Make your health a priority by getting medical help right away, keeping track of all injuries and treatments you receive, and paying attention to any advise doctors tell you. Keep any pertinent documentation, such as photos of the collision site, the vehicle's damage, the meteorological conditions, police records, and witness accounts. Insurance companies may try to downplay the severity of injuries or the connection to the winter weather, so avoid giving comments to them without first speaking with your lawyer. Get in touch with The Licatesi Law Group right away. Our skilled lawyers are knowledgeable with accidents caused by inclement weather and can offer the support and advice required to handle the legal difficulties. In order to create a compelling case, collaborate closely with your lawyer, comply with any requests for information, and show up for all required court appearances or appointments. By taking such measures, injured parties can strengthen their case and raise their chances of getting just compensation for their losses sustained in car crashes that occur in the winter. The Licatesi Law Group is committed to giving victims of winter-related accidents strong legal counsel and fighting for their rights.

Insurance firms, like Chubb and Geico, may seek to keep victims from getting the money they are entitled to, particularly when it comes to incidents that happen in the winter. With years of experience negotiating with insurance companies, the Licatesi Law Group makes sure that victims' rights are upheld and they are fairly compensated for the harm and losses they have suffered. Our knowledgeable staff will relentlessly fight for our customers' best interests since they are familiar with the strategies used by insurance. The Licatesi Law Group is resolute in its promise to offer unflinching assistance and legal counsel for victims of motor vehicle accidents throughout winter weather conditions. Contact us today at (516) 227-2662 for your free consultation.