While the holidays are a time for happiness and celebration, they also sadly bring with them an increase in the risk of drunk driving accidents on New York's highways. As part of its mission to defend the rights of people hurt in automobile injury incidents, the Licatesi Law Group raises awareness of the many risks that intoxicated drivers may present during this holiday season. There is typically an increase in drunk driving around the holidays. Alcohol is frequently used at festive gatherings, company parties, and family festivities. Sadly, some people decide to drive while intoxicated, which is a reckless choice that puts both them and other people in grave danger.

Drunk driving incidents can result in a variety of serious injuries, such as fractures from the force of the crash, which can cause excruciating pain and crippling injury to different body regions. Depending on the power of contact, sudden collisions can cause bruises and contusions that range in severity. Broken bones can result from the impact of an alcohol-related car collision, affecting the spine, ribs, or limbs to differing degrees of severity. Head injuries that affect cognitive function are widespread and range from minor concussions to catastrophic brain injury. Accidents can injure the spine, which increases the risk of long-term effects including paralysis or decreased movement.

Victims of drunk driving accidents may face severe financial hardships as a result of the catastrophic injuries that occur, including considerable automobile property damage. Moreover, sufferers would have to pay a large amount of money for continued rehabilitation, surgeries, and emergency care. Victims and their families may experience financial burden and lost pay as a result of their inability to work due to severe injuries. The agony and suffering endured by victims are further exacerbated by the combination of physical wounds and emotional stress.

For those who have been injured in drunk driving incidents over the holidays, the Licatesi Law Group is a steadfast supporter. Our commitment is to relentlessly pursue justice and guarantee that our clients obtain the highest possible settlement for their injuries. Our knowledgeable legal team can handle complicated situations with ease, especially when they include big insurance companies that are notorious for refusing to accept reasonable settlement offers. Big insurance providers like Chubb and Geico may try to reduce the amount of money awarded to victims of drunk driving incidents. They will attempt to minimize the severity of your injuries in order to force you to accept a smaller settlement. The Licatesi Law Group is experienced in managing these situations and is aware of the strategies used by insurance companies to evade providing victims with the full amount of compensation they are entitled to. Victims are entitled to get full compensation for their injuries, even in the face of obstacles from insurance companies. The Licatesi Law Group is dedicated to empowering victims by giving them the best possible legal counsel so they may get the money they are due.

It is imperative that you move quickly if you or a loved one was hurt in a drunk driving accident during the holidays. Put your health first by getting medical help right once for any injuries you may have had in the collision, and keep track of all the prescriptions and medical advice that you receive. Save any pertinent documentation, such as photos of the collision site, the vehicle's damage, any apparent injuries, and witness accounts and police records. Avoid giving statements to insurance companies before speaking with your lawyer because they can try to downplay the severity of the injuries or the connection to drunk driving. Get in touch with The Licatesi Law Group right away; our knowledgeable lawyers have a focus on drunk driving collisions and can offer the support and advocacy required to handle the legal difficulties. Collaborate closely with your lawyer to develop a compelling case, assist with court cases, supply any information needed, and show up for required appointments or hearings. For the victims of these regrettable events, the Licatesi Law Group is committed to provide strong legal counsel and seeking justice. Let us support you on your journey to recover. Contact us today at (516) 227-2662 for your free consultation.