With the rising popularity of electric bikes and scooters in New York City, there is a corresponding increase in the risks and hazards they pose. Although these means of transportation provide a handy and environmentally beneficial option compared to vehicles, they also present substantial risks to pedestrians. The Licatesi Law Group has seen an increase in the number of cases related to electric bike and scooter accidents. Our primary focus is to assist victims in comprehending their rights and available choices. This blog will examine the typical injuries that occur as a consequence of these incidents, the current state of insurance coverage for riders, and the legal measures that victims might pursue in order to get compensation.

The popularity of electric bikes and scooters has significantly increased in New York, providing a fast and effective means of transportation across the city's congested streets. Nevertheless, the growing prevalence of their presence has resulted in a proportional increase in accidents, namely those involving pedestrians. These vehicles have the capability to attain high velocities, and their operators often traverse sidewalks or pedestrian-congested locations, hence cultivating hazardous circumstances.

Electric bikes or scooters colliding with pedestrians may result in a variety of injuries, some of which can be serious. Typical injuries consist of bruises and contusions resulting from the force of the accident, varying in severity from moderate to severe. Collisions with fast-moving electric bikes or scooters may often lead to fractures and bone fractures, especially in the arms, legs, and ribs. Head injuries are often seen in pedestrian accidents, even if the pedestrian is not directly struck in the head. The impact of the collision may cause falls that result in concussions or more serious traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The abrupt and vigorous collision might result in spinal injuries, resulting in enduring movement impairments and persistent discomfort. In addition, the bike or scooter's sharp parts, together with the uneven texture of the pavement, may result in significant wounds and lacerations. Internal injuries pose a significant risk since they may not be immediately evident but might result in severe health problems if not appropriately addressed.

An important concern for those who have been involved in electric bike and scooter accidents is the inadequate insurance coverage available to them. While autos are legally obligated to have insurance, a significant number of electric bike and scooter users do not possess insurance. The absence of sufficient coverage might create difficulties when attempting to get recompense for injuries and losses.

If the rider is insured, their policy may not provide enough coverage for the victim's whole medical costs, lost earnings, and other damages. Many pedestrians find themselves in a difficult predicament, as they attempt to navigate the legal system in order to get the rightful compensation they are entitled to.

If you are a pedestrian involved in a collision with an electric bike or scooter, it is crucial to follow precise measures to safeguard your legal entitlements and enhance the likelihood of receiving compensation. It is crucial to prioritize your health, thus, promptly seek medical assistance, regardless of the seeming insignificance of your injuries, since some ailments may not manifest quickly. Record the scene by capturing photographs of the collision, encompassing the bicycle or scooter, your bodily harm, and any other pertinent particulars, as this record-keeping may serve as crucial substantiation in your legal matter. Acquire the contact details of the cyclist and any others who saw the incident, since their testimonies might be vital in substantiating your case. Submit a report to the police, since this formal paperwork might function as crucial proof. Ultimately, reach out to a personal injury lawyer at The Licatesi Law Group to get expert assistance in navigating the intricate legal aspects of an electric bike or scooter collision and guarantee the preservation of your legal entitlements.

Individuals who have been injured in incidents involving electric bikes and scooters have many legal avenues to pursue in order to get compensation. In the event that the rider displayed negligence, you have the option to initiate a personal injury case in order to pursue recompense for your medical costs, lost income, physical and emotional distress, as well as any other resulting harm. If you own automotive insurance, your policy can include uninsured motorist coverage, which might be applicable to your situation and provide recompense in the event that the rider lacks insurance. Furthermore, in some instances, if the accident was caused by a perilous situation on a property, the proprietor may be deemed responsible under premises liability legislation.

The growing use of electric bicycles and scooters in New York City has resulted in an escalation in pedestrian accidents, sometimes leading to significant injuries. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the potential dangers and being aware of the appropriate actions to be taken after an accident may assist individuals in safeguarding their legal entitlements and pursuing the appropriate recompense they are entitled to. The Licatesi Law Group is dedicated to assisting those who have been involved in electric bike and scooter accidents in understanding and maneuvering through the legal process to get fair treatment. If you or someone you care about has sustained injuries in an accident of this kind, please reach out to us now for a free consultation at (516) 227-2662. We are here to assist you in your journey towards recuperation.