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If You Are Injured by a Rideshare Vehicle, Can You Sue the Company?

As ridesharing continues to gain in popularity, so does the potential for accidents involving Uber, Lyft and other hired vehicles. When passengers and other people get hurt, they need to Read More

How Can You Report Unsafe Construction Site Conditions?

New York has strict laws in place that require property owners and contractors to provide safe environments for workers and visitors at construction sites. However, the enforcement of these laws Read More

Navigating a Slip and Fall In a Store

Falls are a leading cause of injury and death across the country and slip and falls that occur within a store are increasingly common. New York has complex liability laws, Read More

Why Are Serious Injuries So Common in Motorcycle Accidents?

In March 2021, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released its newest data about motorcycle accidents, and the picture is not pretty. The report shows that 5,014 motorcyclists were Read More

Navigating a Taxi Accident

Frequenting New York City, you will see there are thousands of taxicabs driving in the streets, and sometimes things may go wrong, and you may get into an accident with Read More

Navigating a Slip and Fall on Ice/Snow/Water

Falls are a leading cause of injury and death across the country, and during the Winter, slip and falls are increasingly common on ice, snow, and water. New York has Read More

Can a Nursing Home Power Outage Be the Basis of Lawsuit?

Extreme heat or cold is dangerous to nursing home residents, whose advanced age and frail health make them especially vulnerable to the hypothermia, heat stroke and dehydration. That is one Read More

Personal Injury Amputation Litigation

Having an amputation can be a scary, dangerous, and often involves other complex medical issues. Amputation cases normally consist of higher damages which makes them more difficult to resolve. Amputations Read More

The Impressive Licatesi Law Group Track Record

Here, at The Licatesi Law Group, we have over 40 years of experience litigating personal injury and many other lawsuits to hold defendants accountable for their actions. We have won Read More

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are very common and often involve workers handling dangerous equipment and machinery. If you were injured in a construction accident, you may be entitled to recover monetary damages Read More

Navigating Unique Subway and Train Accidents

Roughly a year ago a man was killed at the Harlem subway station in New York City for intervening in a fight. The good Samaritan was tragically killed when he Read More

Who Is Liable in a Multi-Vehicle Crash?

Multi-vehicle accidents, typically defined as crashes involving three or more vehicles, can have serious consequences. Property damage is often extensive and several people may be injured to varying degrees. In Read More

Trucking Accident Statistics

An auto accident can be a stressful ordeal in and of itself, but a truck accident can increase that anxiety and stress due to the potential serious injuries involved. As Read More

If You’re Hurt in a Snowplow Accident, Who Can You Sue?

Snowplows help keep New Yorkers mobile after a storm, but they sometimes injure people and damage property in the process. Worse still, New York law makes it difficult for the Read More

Navigating a Trip and Fall Case

A trip and fall can be a dangerous situation and can be confusing at times to understand if you do not know what to do. However, abiding by the following Read More

Black Ice Safety Tips for Motorists and Pedestrians

New York winters bring a mixed bag of snow, rain and fluctuating temperatures that cause days-long cycles of freezing, thawing and refreezing. Those are ideal conditions for the formation of Read More

Viewing 145 - 160 out of 315 posts


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