Frequenting New York City, you will see there are thousands of taxicabs driving in the streets, and sometimes things may go wrong, and you may get into an accident with one of these yellow cars. If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a taxi accident in New York City, you may have a claim against the taxi driver and the company that employs the driver. An experienced New York City taxi accident attorney at The Licatesi Law Group, can assist you in taking legal action to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Taxi drivers are expected to use great caution, especially driving in busy city streets within New York. Since they are driving passenger, they must proceed with caution and provide a safe experience to protect not just other drivers, but the passengers themselves.

Several laws in New York, including those found in the New York City Department of Transportation’s Traffic Rules, are designed to protect taxi passengers. These laws can be confusing at times, but the right lawyer can help you avoid paying any bills incurred to you from this accident.

Taxi drivers are often employed by taxi companies. When taxi drivers are at work, they are acting as agents of the company that employs them, including rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft. This means that their actions are seen as the actions of the company. When a taxi driver is involved in an accident, the company they work for can be held negligent as well, and we can go after both the driver and his/her employer for compensation.

Taxi accidents can cause a variety of serious injuries, but whatever the case may be you should not be entitled to paying all of those expensive medical bills. You could be entitled to compensation for any loses regarding the crash.

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