The Licatesi Law Group expresses unwavering support for individuals who have experienced sexual assault. We acknowledge the challenging and demanding process that survivors go through in their pursuit of justice and recovery. We are dedicated to offering assistance and legal advice during this difficult procedure. This blog article will explore the processes that survivors can follow to report instances of sexual assault, comprehend the timeframe within which legal action can be taken (statute of limitations), and pursue financial restitution through civil litigation.

Sexual assault survivors may experience a variety of physical, psychological, and emotional harm, such as bruising, wounds, fractures, genital damage, and the potential for sexually transmitted infections. These physical injuries frequently occur alongside severe psychological trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance addiction, and suicide thoughts. In addition, individuals who have survived may encounter difficulties related to their reproductive health, such as unwanted pregnancy and gynecological concerns. They may also experience long-term obstacles in areas such as relationships, social interactions, and job or academic environments. Sexual assault can lead to chronic pain, permanent impairment, and ongoing mental health disorders, highlighting the significant and long-lasting effects it can have on survivors' lives. It is crucial to promptly seek medical, psychological, and legal assistance to treat the immediate and long-term effects of sexual violence and promote healing and recovery.

The act of reporting sexual assault is critical in establishing accountability for offenders and minimizing further damage. Survivors of assault in New York are afforded the opportunity to notify law enforcement of the incident, irrespective of the time of occurrence. Nevertheless, it is critical to acknowledge that survivors might encounter obstacles including doubt, fear of retaliation, social disapproval, or incredulity. Our firm places significant emphasis on the autonomy of survivors when it comes to determining whether and when to report an incident. To assist survivors in this process, we offer both compassionate support and legal counsel.

The statute of limitations for initiating a civil litigation for sexual assault in New York is intricate and subject to variation based on the specific circumstances of each case. Generally, survivors have the opportunity to file a civil lawsuit within three years of the date of the assault. Instances in which the assault transpired as a consequence of specific offenses, such as human trafficking or incest, or when the survivor was a minor at the time of the assault or when the assault occurred are exceptions to this rule. It is imperative that survivors comprehend how the statute of limitations may impact their capacity to pursue legal remedies. We strongly advise them to promptly consult our skilled lawyers to grasp their rights and legal choices. Our organization is committed to assisting survivors in navigating the complex legal system and seeking redress in accordance with the law.

The process of seeking civil compensation for sexual assault is distinct from the criminal prosecution of the offender. The prosecution bears the burden of proof in criminal proceedings, and its objective is to establish beyond a reasonable doubt the culpability of the perpetrator. Conversely, civil litigation centers around the pursuit of reparation for the harm suffered by the survivor, encompassing expenses related to therapy, medical treatment, lost wages, and emotional distress. Civil litigation provides a means for survivors to demand financial restitution from their assailants and hold them accountable for the harm they have suffered. Survivors retain the right to engage in civil litigation irrespective of the outcome of criminal proceedings, including convictions. Our organization is dedicated to defending the rights of survivors and furnishing them with the necessary legal assistance to successfully prosecute civil litigation.

In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which underscores the widespread problem of sexual violence, The Licatesi Law Group restates its dedication to providing assistance to survivors and advocating for their legal rights. It is our conviction that each survivor is entitled to receive justice, compassion, and the chance to recover. Should you or an individual you are acquainted with have experienced sexual assault, we urge you to promptly seek our assistance and legal counsel. Contact us today at (516) 227-2662 for your free consultation.