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Winter motor vehicle accidents can result in broken bones, traumatic brain injury, spinal damage, paralysis, and death. The difference between a winter car accident and other MVAs is that weather conditions must be taken into account. Was the adverse vehicle driving recklessly, or did they skid on a patch of ice? Were they forced to slam their brake because of another driver, or were they driving too aggressively?

  • When driving in snow and icy conditions, it’s important to note:
  • Whether any snow/ice was properly cleared off the car.
  • Whether the driver was driving cautiously (slower pace, cautious with the brake and gas).
  • Whether the driver left enough space between them and the other vehicles.
  • Whether they had snow tires or chains (if required).

Traffic and reduced visibility are also factors in a snow-related motor vehicle accident. Many holidays fall during the months when snowfall is most likely, adding to the chaos.

It’s important to be cautious when driving in winter. Checking the weather and making sure your car is safe to travel in the snow and ice is crucial to avoiding an accident. Winter can considerably change a personal injury case, making a skilled attorney essential to your success.

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