More and more cameras are appearing on the roads of New York each day. These take the form of either the red-light cameras that catch any crossings at a red light, or the speed cameras for those going over the pre-defined speed limit. In places like Manhattan and Queens, there are numerous cameras – around every school and down every major road. Cameras can even be found in Nassau and Suffolk County, where right-turn-on-red is allowed for most streets.

Along several roads, such as the Horace Harding Expressway, cameras are appearing as often as every few blocks. Some are even appearing on roads twice: once before a traffic light, in the form of a red-light camera, and immediately after as a speed camera. The goal being to catch you speeding as you attempt to run through a yellow light. This is forcing many to reduce their speed and avoid attempting to blaze through yellow lights. Days of streaking through a yellow light turning red as you’re passing (and claiming it was orange) are over.

Although wearisome to many, the goal is to ensure that accidents are reduced. Someone barreling down the street in their car going twice the speed limit could hit another car, biker, or person crossing the street, and cause a serious accident. Many of these cameras are placed around schools as children crossing to get to and from school are often at risk.

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