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Though many drivers may hope to remain conscious of their surroundings and have the ability to take evasive action should a hazard arise, crashes can still occur. In fact, many individuals who attempt to avoid such incidents could potentially cause motor vehicle accidents themselves. Unfortunately, loss of life could be a result of this type of event.

Multiple deaths were the result of a recent crash that took place in New York. Reports stated that the incident involved two cars and a tanker truck. The tanker, which was carrying milk, had jack-knifed on the roadway after the driver had attempted to avoid hitting some deer. The two cars crashed into the tanker and went underneath it as it blocked the road.

The incident resulted in the occupants of both cars suffering fatal injuries. Three men were in one vehicle, and they were reported as being 50, 58 and 63 years old. The individual in the second vehicle was reported as being 52 years old. The truck driver did not suffer any injuries in the incident. Authorities are likely continuing to investigate in the incident, and information on whether any charges may result may be available at a later time.

Sudden motor vehicle accidents that claim lives can be difficult for surviving families to bear. The loved ones of the victims of this New York crash are undoubtedly heartbroken over the event and may feel confused about how to handle the situation. Many in similar situations consider pursuing compensation for their losses, and if they wish to find out more information on such legal options, they may want to look into filing wrongful death claims.

Source: news10.com, “2 cars hit jackknifed milk tanker on New York highway; 4 die“, July 6, 2017

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