As recently as President’s Day, a moped collided with a car in Queens, NY – along 88th Street and Cooper Avenue. The car was making a left turn onto Cooper Avenue when it struck the two teens. The accident left the 15-year-old male driver with an injured leg, and the 16-year-old female passenger with severe head trauma. While the driver arrived at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in stable condition, the female passenger was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in critical condition. This accident is one of many that occur along the streets of Glendale and Middle Village regularly. Many of the injured are on bikes, scooters, motorcycles – leaving it easy for them to fall off and sustain serious – even permanent – injury.  Due to this incident, as well as numerous others, discussions are currently taking place on what can be done to ensure the safety of the motorists taking to New York’s streets at risk of their own lives.

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