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Speed can often contribute to serious accidents. Though it would only take minimal effort for drivers to follow the speed limits and slow down, many individuals do not take such actions. As a result, individuals often lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents that stem from someone driving too fast.

It was recently reported that speed was a possible factor in a severe crash that took place in New York. The incident involved a car and a tractor-trailer as the car crashed into the trailer of the truck. Witnesses stated that the car was speeding when the driver attempted to swerve around the turning truck. The driver did not successfully avoid the truck, and his vehicle became lodged beneath the trailer. There were two individuals inside.

The driver of the car was reported as being 23 years old. He was considered to be in critical condition after the incident, but reports also mentioned that he was stable and expected to live. His passenger may not be so lucky as the 28-year-old man suffered severe head trauma and may be brain dead. At the time of the report, no criminal charges had been filed.

Serious motor vehicle accidents can leave many individuals stunned and horrified. Witnesses to such an event may feel shaken, but the family of the victims may feel an even greater sense of horror. The family of the passenger involved in this New York incident undoubtedly want their loved one to survive, but should the worst take place, they may wish to file a wrongful death claim against the driver considered at fault. This type of civil lawsuit could allow them to gain compensation for allowable damages. A personal injury claim could be pursued if the man survives his injuries.

Source: New York Daily News, “Passenger likely brain dead after car slams into truck in Queens“, Thomas Tracy, April 18, 2017

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