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Many individuals can have a difficult time putting their lives back together after a serious event. When motor vehicle accidents result in severe injuries and deaths, it may seem impossible to understand how such tragic outcomes could affect unsuspecting families. When crashes could have been prevented by a driver being more careful, some individuals may wish to seek justice rather than understanding.

One family in New York may soon be looking into their legal options after a recent crash. Reports stated that a vehicle with at least three occupants was traveling south when a second vehicle hit the first car from behind. The crash occurred around 4 a.m. as the individuals in the first car were returning home from a birthday celebration. The driver of the second car was suspected to have been under the influence at the time of the crash.

The incident caused a 22-year-old woman in the first car to suffer fatal injuries. Her 21-year-old sister and a male passenger both suffered severe injuries. The driver of the other vehicle was also injured. It was reported that he was an off-duty police officer, and he is currently facing charges for DWI, vehicular assault and other allegations.

The severity of motor vehicle accidents can play a role in the actions that take place afterward. With this New York incident, the surviving victims and the family of the deceased woman may feel particularly driven to seek compensation for the damages resulting from this devastating event. They may wish to find out more on their legal options for filing personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Source: abc7ny.com, “Woman dies after accident involving off-duty NYPD officer in Queens“, April 24, 2017

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