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Car accidents are frightening events, and even onlookers not directly involved can feel shaken. Of course, individuals who are directly involved in a crash can easily feel more than shaken as serious injuries often result. Unfortunately, along with physical injuries, accident victims can also find themselves having to contend with various other damages.

It was recently reported that multiple individuals were injured in a New York car accident. The incident apparently involved at least three vehicles as well as multiple pedestrians. Reports indicated that the first vehicle was speeding when the driver attempted to make it through a traffic light before it turned red. However, according to a witness, another vehicle at the intersection was attempting to make a turn, and the first car collided with the turning vehicle.

The speeding vehicle then traveled over a curb, where it hit the pedestrians. The initial impact caused the turning vehicle to collide with a third vehicle. Four pedestrians were injured, and four other individuals inside the vehicles were also hurt. At least two people were considered to have suffered critical injuries. It was not clear whether the critically injured parties were pedestrians, drivers or passengers.

A car crash can easily change lives in an instant. The individuals seriously injured in this New York accident may wonder whether they will ever fully recover from the physical injuries they suffered and from the other damages that resulted from the incident. Fortunately, they may have the opportunity to take legal action against the driver considered at fault by filing personal injury claims. These claims could help them work toward obtaining compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and other damages permitted under state law.

Source: CBS New York, “NYPD: 8 Injured, 2 Critically, In Multi-Vehicle Crash In Brooklyn“, April 13, 2018

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