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When a death occurs as a result of an occupational accident, the event can leave many people shaken. Unfortunately, construction accidents can have such outcomes, and one individual recently died in New York due to such an incident. Additionally, another worker was critically injured in that same event.

Reports stated that the two men were in a bucket lift that was approximately three stories in the air when they fell. It was unclear what may have caused the men to fall. One of the men was pronounced deceased on the accident site, and the other man was taken to an area hospital. Another worker at the scene stated that the incident was a wakeup call and that he would take precautions to remain secure in the future. It was noted that other accidents had also taken place on the same site.

The report also stated that another construction worker had died that same day on a separate job site. That man’s death was also caused by a fall. The report also mentioned that the city council is reviewing a proposed bill that would require workers to go through up to 59 hours of safety training.

When construction accidents lead to deaths and injuries, many questions regarding safety may arise. Additionally, family members of the deceased individuals may wonder how they will move on from such an event. It is also not unusual for financial struggles to result from these accidents, and those who were negatively impacted may wish to find out more information on New York workers’ compensation to determine whether they may qualify for benefits.

Source: abc7ny.com, “1 construction worker killed, another critically hurt in fall from bucket lift on Midtown building“, Tim Fleischer, Sept. 21, 2017

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