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New York City is currently enjoying a building boom, which has created jobs and is driving economic activity, much of it in Brooklyn and Queens. However, the direct consequence of increased urban development is an increase in construction accidents, putting workers and pedestrians at greater risk of serious and even fatal injuries.

At The Licatesi Law Group, we’re dedicated to helping victims of construction accidents get full compensation for their losses. Our skilled attorneys work as a team to evaluate your cause of action, investigate thoroughly and assemble the evidence to build a solid case for relief. We are often able to reach a successful settlement, but when a trial is necessary, we prosecute your case vigorously.

New York construction accidents inflict serious harm

Heavy equipment, heavy loads, narrow streets and great heights are conditions that combine to make New York City a risky place for construction. Common causes of construction site accidents include:

  • Crane and scaffold collapses — Improper assembly, mechanical failure, lack of training and failure to adhere to weight limits can cause crane and scaffolding collapses.
  • Electric shock/electrocution — Working with live electrical lines or accidentally encountering them on a project can have fatal consequences.
  • Falling objects — Heavy and/or sharp objects that fall from heights can critically injure workers and pedestrians on the ground. Failure to tie up heavy equipment and materials and or to put in place netting or tarps to catch objects can contribute to injuries.
  • Heavy equipment — Operator error, mechanical problems or design defects in forklifts, back hoes, cranes and trucks can lead to severe accidents.
  • Gas explosions — Construction workers’ failure to be aware of the precise locations of buried gas lines or gas-fired equipment can lead to explosions.
  • Falls — Working atop a ladder, scaffold or other high equipment puts a laborer at increased risk of a fall from heights and resulting serious injury or death, especially if adequate safety measures are not taken.
  • Wind-tossed debris — At construction sites, everything from fine dust to large materials can cause serious injuries to workers and pedestrians.

In our personal injury practice, we represent injured workers, bystanders and pedestrians as well as the families of fatally injured people. The types of cases we pursue include:

  • Workers’ compensation — We assist injured workers with claims against their employers under the no-fault workers’ compensation system.
  • Negligence — Injured bystanders can sue construction companies for losses due to the negligence of their employees. A negligence claim can also be filed by an injured worker against a third party that controlled or contributed to a condition it should have known was dangerous.
  • Labor Law 240 — A construction worker in New York State employed on scaffolds or ladders can sue the responsible party when a safety violation directly causes an injury.
  • Wrongful death — The personal representative of a deceased person’s estate can sue on behalf of the estate and close relatives when an accident results in death.

We make a thorough investigation of each client’s case to be sure that all responsible parties are identified and that all legal remedies are vigorously pursued.

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Proving a construction accident case

Construction accident cases have many facets. Our attorneys thoroughly investigate whether federal and state safety rules were followed by the site owner, the developer or builder, the general contractor and all subcontractors. Among the questions pertaining to liability are:

  • Was proper/required safety equipment used?
  • Was equipment used as intended by the manufacturer?
  • Was the equipment regularly inspected?
  • Were defects promptly repaired?
  • Did work conditions meet Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and other standards?
  • Were workers properly trained?

Our attorneys will examine the accident site, document the hazardous conditions and identify all potentially responsible parties to ensure we adopt a strategy designed to maximize your recovery.

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