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When walking along various streets across New York, many people see some type of construction work going on. Some individuals may not give much thought to the work, but others may have a considerable fear of being involved in construction accidents. Unfortunately, both workers and individuals nearby could easily suffer injuries in these types of events.

It was recently reported that three people were hurt after such an incident. According to reports, construction workers were attempting to take down a stretch of scaffolding when a 20-foot section collapsed. The incident caused metal rods and support panels to crash to the ground. Various witnesses indicated that the scene was chaotic, and one person stated that she thought a car accident had taken place.

Of the individuals injured, a supervisor on the construction crew suffered serious injuries, and it was specifically mentioned that his arm was injured. The other two injured parties were pedestrians who had been near the site at the time of the accident. The extent of their injuries were not given in the report, but it was noted that all three individuals were expected to survive the incident.

Whenever people are injured in construction accidents, whether they are workers or bystanders, the financial repercussions can be difficult to deal with. The individuals involved in this New York accident may want to find out information on how they could potentially seek compensation for the injuries they suffered. Seeking workers’ compensation for the injured supervisor and filing personal injury claims for the injured pedestrians could both be warranted actions.

Source: CBS New York, “1 Worker, 2 Pedestrians Hurt When Scaffolding Collapses Near Brooklyn Borough Hall“, April 14, 2018

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