On behalf of Licatesi Law Group, LLP posted in motor vehicle accidents on Thursday, June 7, 2018.

After being injured in car accident, individuals will need to make many important decisions. They may first need to decide what type of medical procedures they feel willing to undergo in order to treat the injuries they suffer. In some cases, those procedures needed after an accident can be quite extensive. After they begin to recover, they may realize that they have many financial difficulties and other hardships to contend with, which could lead them to deciding whether legal action could be necessary to seek compensation.

Multiple individuals in New York may have such thoughts crossing their minds after a recent serious accident. Reports stated that a silver car was hit by a black car, and as a result, the silver vehicle crashed into a coffee shop. The driver of the black car did not remain at the scene, but he was later apprehended by authorities.

Four people, including a person on the sidewalk, the driver of the silver car and two people in the coffee shop, were injured. One of the customers suffered a broken leg and a head injury, and her injuries were considered the most severe. The extent of the injuries suffered by the other parties was not detailed in the report.

The accident itself may have felt like the scariest part of their ordeals, but the injured parties may come to realize that they have many other difficulties to contend with as well. In hopes of alleviating some of their financial struggles, they may want to consider filing personal injury claims against the driver considered at fault. These claims could allow them to pursue compensation for damages permitted under New York state law.

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