The holiday season is a common cause to the increase of motor vehicle accidents. The holidays are a time for drinking and festivities. Due to endless drinking, drunk driving is a major concern during this time of year. While impairment can mean drunk-driving, other forms of impairment exist and can be just as dangerous. Anything from drug-use to speeding to being distracted at the wheel can change someone’s life. As a result, December is known as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.

Teens and young adults are more likely to drive under the influence than other demographics. Consequently, they are involved in more accidents. By educating yourself and others, many catastrophic accidents can be avoidable. The ability to evaluate yourself as well as others, both on and off the road, is vital. Decisions such as not getting behind the wheel if impaired, not accepting rides from someone who is impaired, or preventing others from driving impaired could save someone’s life. We should all do our part to make this year safer than the last.

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