On behalf of Licatesi Law Group, LLP posted in motor vehicle accidents on Thursday, October 19, 2017.

When an individual chooses to ignore traffic laws, he or she could place the safety of everyone nearby at risk in the process. While attempting to evade authorities, a person may not even stop to check on others after causing a collision, and motor vehicle accidents that occur under similar circumstances can be devastating. A recent collision involving a stolen vehicle has left nine individuals with injuries in New York.

According to authorities, the incident began when an individual stole a car on a recent Sunday and proceeded to travel at a high rate of speed without the use of headlights. Just after 1 a.m., the car struck a sedan, and the force of the collision caused the sedan to strike a nearby SUV. Police reported that the driver of the stolen car fled the scene, and eventually crashed into a concrete wall before fleeing on foot.

As many as nine individuals in the other two vehicles were injured, one of whom was reportedly listed in critical condition. There were several kids in the sedan at the time of the collision, all of whom received medical attention and released. An investigation into the incident is underway, and police are continuing to search for the suspect.

Motor vehicle accidents of this nature can be dangerous, and those who are injured due to the negligent actions of another may wish to pursue restitution through the civil justice system. However, the process can be stressful and intimidating, and those who face a similar situation could benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney. An attorney in New York can thoroughly evaluate the situation, along with a client’s financial needs, and assist in pursuing the full amount of compensation deserved through the necessary outlets.

Source: CBS New York, “9 Hurt In Belt Parkway Hit-And-Run Crash; Search On For Driver“, Oct. 15, 2017

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