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Car crashes can happen for any number of reasons. Negligence remains at the top of the list, but this term could encompass a variety of actions that led to a car accident. From a momentary distraction to driving under the influence, the causes of wrecks can lead to devastating outcomes. When families lose loved ones as the result of such incidents, they may wonder how they will move on.

This sinking feeling may be affecting multiple individuals after a recent Long Island accident. Reports stated that only one vehicle was involved in the crash and that two men were inside the car at the time of the incident. Near 1:30 a.m., the vehicle reportedly failed to remain on the road and hit several trees. It was unclear what may have caused the car to leave the roadway.

The incident resulted in both the 21-year-old driver and his 22-year-old passenger suffering fatal injuries. They were declared deceased at the accident site. At the time of the report, authorities were continuing to investigate the tragic event to determine what contributing factors may have played roles in the crash.

Due to the manner in which the Long Island car accident occurred, the family of the deceased passenger may have reason to file a wrongful death claim. This type of claim could help them seek compensation for their loss and other damages resulting from the crash. Though the driver involved in the incident also died, the legal claim could be filed against his estate. Information on taking this type of action may help the family determine whether they would like to follow this course of action.

Source: pix11.com, “2 killed in Southern State Parkway crash on Long Island“, Kristine Garcia, Feb. 10, 2018

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