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Fatal accidents happen every day. The details of those incidents generally vary from situation to situation, but each death can have a tremendous impact on multiple individuals no matter how it occurs. When construction accidents result in the deaths of workers, surviving family members may have many concerns regarding how the incident took place, making arrangements for funerals and their future finances.

The family of one man may be facing numerous challenges after a recent incident in New York. Reports stated that a construction worker was working on an office complex building when he was apparently involved in an accident. It was unclear what may have happened, but it was reported that the man was unconscious when he was located. He was also unresponsive.

Reports also indicated that the man had suffered head trauma. He was transported to an area hospital, but he did not survive the injuries he suffered. The exact cause of death was not known at the time of the report, but the incident is likely still under investigation. Additional information may become available at a later time.

Construction accidents can easily have fatal outcomes. If it is determined that the man was killed in the course of his work-related duties, his surviving family may have cause to seek workers’ compensation death benefits. These benefits could help them better face the challenges that may present themselves due to loss of income. If they are interested in pursuing such benefits, they may wish to find out more information on their options for application in New York.

Source: NBC New York, “Construction Worker at Site Near Chelsea Market Dies: NYPD“, Dec. 18, 2017

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