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The circumstances that lead to individuals being injured on the job are often unique to the events themselves. Construction accidents could occur due to any variety and combination of factors, and no matter what those conditions are, if workers are injured or killed, those affected by the incidents could face significant struggles. In many cases, workers and surviving family are often left looking for answers.

It was recently reported that a construction accident in New York resulted in the death of a worker. Reports indicated that the man had been working on the sixth floor of an old sugar factory that was being renovated when he fell. It was unclear how far the man fell as there were conflicting reports as to whether the man fell to the fourth floor or fell four floors in total.

It was also unclear what factors may have contributed to the fall, but it was noted that the man had been working on a scaffold at the time of the incident. He suffered an injury to his head, which proved fatal, and he was declared deceased at an area hospital. He was reported as being 59 years old.

The family of the man killed in this New York incident — and others similarly affected by construction accidents – will undoubtedly face many difficulties in the wake of the fatal event. Financial hardships may be especially prominent due to the loss of income that had been generated by the man. However, there is a chance that the family could qualify for workers’ compensation on behalf of the deceased worker. Gaining more information on these benefits may prove useful.

Source: pix11.com, “Construction worker falls to death at old Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn: NYPD“, Ashley Soley-Cerro, Dec. 9, 2016

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