On behalf of Licatesi Law Group, LLP posted in motor vehicle accidents on Thursday, March 8, 2018.

The details of some car accidents can sometimes seem unbelievable, especially when the outcomes are tragic. Unfortunately, car crashes happen every day, and the exact factors that play into these incidents can vary widely. However, the chance to seek compensation for damages is a possibility that many serious incidents have in common.

Two families in New York may be considering legal action after a recent crash had devastating outcomes. Reports stated that a white vehicle had approached an intersection at a red light, stopped and then proceeded through the red light. The vehicle first missed pedestrians and another vehicle, but it then crashed into two mothers, their children and a man who were all in a crosswalk.

The 4-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy involved in the incident both suffered fatal injuries as a result.  The mothers both suffered serious injuries, but they were considered to be in stable condition at the time of the report. It was also noted that the injuries the man suffered were not considered life-threatening. The driver of the car reportedly stated she had a medical condition. She was also taken to the hospital, and at the time of the report, no charges had been filed.

The families of the children killed and the mothers themselves are undoubtedly devastated by this New York incident. These individuals — and others similarly affected by car crashes — may have reason to file personal injury and wrongful death claims against the driver considered responsible for the incident. Taking such action may help them seek justice and, in time, gain at least some sense of closure after such a tragedy.

Source: NBC New York, “2 Kids Dead, 3 Adults Hurt After Being Hit by Driver Who Blew Through Light in Park Slope: NYPD“, Rana Novini and Michael George, March 6, 2018

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