Do You Know Someone Facing Nicotine Addiction as a Result of JUUL Products?

Is that person a teen? The introduction to nicotine typically starts with teenagers. Many smoke to fit in and appear popular. However, teen addiction leads to a long list of troubles, as many individuals eventually discover.

The creation of e-cigarettes has nearly doubled the number of people affected. With JUUL being one of the main manufacturers, they have substantially contributed to the rapid spread of addiction. Additionally, the side effects can be just as severe as smoking a traditional cigarette, if not worse.

The milder symptoms include coughing, dizziness, sore mouth and throat, and headaches. However, users can also experience heart palpitations, shortness of breath, nausea, as well as a burning sensation around the mouth and throat. Long term use can lead to heart issues, gum disease, lung cancer, and even brain damage. E-cigarettes have also led to seizures from excessive usage.

Additionally, the devices themselves come with their own set of issues. There have been cases where JUUL’s products have burst into flame and even exploded, harming anyone near enough. The injuries resulting range from burns to serious injury and potentially death. The flames have necessitated immediate medical treatment such as skin grafts. The explosions are powerful enough to shatter jaws. The shrapnel from the explosions has proven to be lethal in many cases.

This is why many have filed claims against JUUL. States are now standing up against JUUL as teenage dependency rises.

What Does the JUUL Lawsuit Include?

JUUL advertised their products as a safe way to wean smokers off nicotine. Instead, they became an introduction to nicotine for minors.

Many teens would be tempted to try the exciting flavors offered, of which include cucumber, mint, fruit, creme, and mango. With such unique flavors, it would be easy to forget that it’s more than just a pleasant flavor.

The medley of flavors wasn’t the only thing to attract teens to start vaping. JUUL has also been accused of designing advertisements geared towards teens specifically. Various states, such as North Carolina, New York, and Massachusetts, have sued JUUL over rising teen addiction. Not only did their advertisements display young adults smoking, but they also purchased ad space on channels such as Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. The promotion of vaping occurred alongside many children’s and teen’s favorite TV shows.

Minors didn’t need to ask a legal adult to purchase e-cigarettes for them. They could obtain them online without undergoing any authentication. Once received, an e-cigarette’s small, sleek design could easily be concealed or mistaken for a USB drive.

As you may recall, JUUL claimed their products were safer than traditional smoking. Unfortunately, this was swiftly proven to be the opposite. Claiming their devices were safer without FDA approval resulted in further trouble. The refills, known as JUUL pods, are comparable to one pack of traditional cigarettes. This has led to stronger addictions and more severe side effects in many teens.

Countless teens have developed serious health complications, and even died, as a result of the high levels of nicotine found in JUUL’s e-cigarettes. JUUL identified a marketing opportunity in young teens and utilized that to their advantage, to the detriment of these youths. Thus, many families have taken to filing mass tort claims against JUUL.

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If you or someone you know became addicted as a minor from any JUUL products, you could receive considerable compensation. You or a loved one may qualify if you can prove you started using JUUL’s products before the age of 18, that nicotine addiction arose as a result, and damages occurred. These damages can stem from fighting the addiction or any health conditions that arise in response to excessive use.

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