According to the New York City Economic Development Council (NYCEDC), over 1.1 million animals, especially 600,000 dogs, call New York City home as of 2022. With such a dense population of both humans and pets, dog bite accidents are inevitable. The Department of Health investigates all complaints concerning hazardous dogs and any dog bite accidents that are recorded in New York. In the state of New York, dog bite lawsuits may be quite serious since they can lead to major physical and psychological damage, substantial medical expenses, and lost wages. Dog owners in New York are required by law to take care of their animals and keep them from hurting others and may be sued if they fail to do so.

When it comes to lawsuits involving dog bites, New York is a strict liability state. This implies that whether or not the owner was negligent, dog owners are nonetheless liable for any harm their dogs create. In other words, even if the owner took all necessary efforts to prevent the bite, they are still responsible for the harm caused if their dog attacks someone.

There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule. The dog owner could not be held accountable if the person who was bitten was trespassing on their property or provoked the animal. Furthermore, the dog's owner could not be held accountable if the person who was bitten was taking part in specific activities, including providing the dog a service such as grooming or medical care.

If a dog bites you in New York, it's crucial to seek medical attention right soon. Dog bite incidents can be severe, and victims may sustain physical wounds such as puncture wounds, tissue damage, bruising, fractures, lacerations, and the risk of infection caused by bacteria in the dog's mouth. Dog bites can also have long-lasting psychological effects, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and a new found dog phobia. To prevent infection and ensure there are no underlying damage, it is vital to have the bite inspected by a doctor, even if it doesn't appear to be serious.

After you've received medical attention, it's important to find out as much as you can about the dog and its owner, including the owner's name and contact information, information about the dog's vaccination status, and information about the dog's history of aggression. Documenting this information will help you in the future if you decide to file a lawsuit later.

If you are thinking of suing after a dog bite in New York, you should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can walk you through the process. They can assist you in gathering proof to back up your claims and determining the proper damages to pursue. In order to make sure you get a just settlement for your injuries; they can also negotiate with the dog owner's insurance provider.

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