Serious injury is a term used in personal injury law to describe an injury that has a significant impact on
the victim’s life. In New York, the serious injury threshold is a legal requirement. You must prove serious
injury occurred before compensation can be obtained.

Under New York law, a serious injury must meet certain criteria. A serious injury is perceived as
permanent loss or impairment, permanent limited use of an organ or member, significant limitation of a
body function or system, fracture, dismemberment, substantial disfigurement, loss of a fetus, or death.

Serious injury doesn’t always have to be permanent. Any injury or impairment that prevents the injured
person from performing all usual daily activities for at least 90 days within the first 180 days
immediately following the accident may also be valid.

Meeting the serious injury threshold can be difficult as insurance companies and defense attorneys will
often dispute whether an injury is serious enough to meet the legal requirements. This is where having
an experienced personal injury attorney can make the difference.

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