An injury as a resulting from a bus accident can lead to physical injuries as well as mental/emotional anguish.  First and foremost, it is the bus driver’s duty to immediately contact 9-1-1 after they are involved in an auto accident.  Buses tend to be linked with a public entity, so it is their duty to protect the safety and well-being of their passengers.

Injuries can result from numerous instances.  For example, as a passenger, it is the duty of a bus driver to make sure all passengers are secure/seated.  If you are injured as a result of a bus driver prematurely driving prior to all passengers being secure/seated, then you will likely have a valid claim against the public entity that operates the public bus transportation.

Bus drivers have the same duty to follow the traffic signals and rules that also apply to people driving cars.  If an erratic driving decision is made by a bus driver, it is unreasonable to assume they had a different duty then a driver of a normal-sized vehicle.

It is commonplace for individuals to be injured as a passenger in a bus accident.  If you or a loved one have been subjected to an auto accident with a bus or have sustained injuries due to a driver’s negligence; feel free to contact the Licatesi Law Group at 516-227-2662 for a free consultation.