Regardless of if you’re filing for personal injury, or another injury-related claim, your actions throughout the litigation process play a crucial role. When you’re the plaintiff, the defense wants nothing more than to prove the injury isn’t serious. Insurance companies can be especially keen on their attorneys arguing that the injury never occurred. They will do anything to save money for their side.

While the injuries and circumstances may differ, the methods for determining the level of injury and subsequent fraud are similar. With the rise of social media, everybody must be mindful of what they share on the internet. A photo is worth a thousand words, and those one-thousand words could be enough to halt a case. Social media searches are merely one procedure which defense may employ.

Oftentimes, multiple doctors are involved in the treatment process. This results in the victim having to recount the story of their injury each time. If the story is changing with each doctor, that could be an opening to discredit the story. In contrast, withholding information from a doctor can also be destructive to the claim. There are many reasons why information is withheld and altered. Even with good reasoning, it can raise some questions.

Did you know that insurance companies sometimes hire investigators? Their goal is to catch you doing something damaging to your claim, such as not using a prescribed cane until within range of the doctor’s office. Working in a garden when you’re supposedly incapable of bending is another example. Investigators will go far to get proof. If you have your own business when you’re not supposed to be able to work, investigators may even employ you just to catch you in the act. They don’t have to record any of the interactions; they just have to witness them and testify.

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