There are many dangerous roads within New York. Roads where accidents arise regularly – where many die from the various mishaps that occur. Pedestrians, cyclists, and even drivers aren’t safe on these roads. Broadway in Manhattan, Union Turnpike in Queens, Brighton Beach Avenue in Brooklyn, and Grand Concourse in Bronx are all host to fatal accidents. However, there’s one road hailed as the most dangerous of them all.

Recently, yet another man’s life was claimed on Taconic State Parkway. Kurt Perez, age 50, was in a fatal crash in late March. It is believed that Kurt crashed into a tree as a result of the weather. Adrian Toma, age 32, was also recently driving down Taconic State Parkway, when her car found itself off-road and colliding with multiple trees. Taconic State Pkwy. is also known for a lethal crash that occurred in 2009 – a crash that claimed 8 lives.

Declared the most dangerous road in New York State, Taconic State Pkwy., has taken hundreds of lives each year. The scenic parkway runs approximately 104 miles along Kenisco Dam and Chatham in Upstate New York. Whether it’s the road itself or any bad luck tied to it, this parkway could be called a source of terror for any who must endure a trip along it.

Among the list of deadliest roads includes the I-87 (between New York City and Montreal specifically), Niagara Falls Boulevard in Buffalo, Hempstead Turnpike in Nassau, and Broadway in Manhattan. Each of these roads are also known for being treacherous.

It pays to be extra careful if you must traverse any of above-mentioned roads. If you or someone you know has been involved in a fatal crash along one of these deadly roads and wish to hear more about how you may be compensated, contact The Licatesi Law Group. With over 40 years of experience handling personal injury cases, we are well equipped to handle your case. We welcome you to reach out for a free consultation by calling (516) 227-2662. Our attorneys will gladly help you fight for the compensation you deserve.