During the current Covid-19 pandemic, death rates in nursing homes have been at an extreme high.  Many nursing homes in multiple states are requesting that states provide immunity for nursing homes and their employees during the pandemic. Some states have provided this immunity while other states have blanket immunity for “health care providers” which some nursing homes are arguing covers them as well. While it is understandable that nursing homes and their employees are dealing with more than normal health concerns, due to their residents being at high risk, some nursing homes, like one in New Jersey, are leaving families in the dark about the status of their loved ones. In this particular New Jersey facility, there was a makeshift “morgue” in the nursing home due to the overwhelming number of deaths from coronavirus.

In addition to the immunity protecting nursing homes generally, it also lightens the requirement for record keeping. New York, for example, waived record keeping, so long as nursing homes are acting “reasonably” and in “good faith”.

While front line workers during this pandemic have a right to be protected in some form, the blanket immunity desired by nursing homes and some states could lead to individuals refraining from trying to seek justice in cases of negligence or carelessness of their loved ones.

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