A mass tort claim is a legal action in which a group of people sues one or more defendants for a single incident or product that caused identical suffering or injury. These cases are frequently complex, time-consuming, and include a large number of plaintiffs.  The following are the most typical forms of mass tort claims.

Pharmaceutical Mass Tort Claims

Injuries or unfavorable consequences brought on by prescription medications are the basis for pharmaceutical mass tort lawsuits. Allegations of insufficient labeling, flawed designs, and improper consumer disclosure of adverse effects are possible in the lawsuits. In some instances, pharmaceutical corporations may have neglected to sufficiently test their medications before releasing them to the market. For instance, a class action lawsuit was filed in 2022 against Costco Wholesale Corp. and other significant distributors for neglecting to inform their clients about the risks associated with taking acetaminophen while pregnant. When acetaminophen is exposed to a fetus while it is in the womb, it has been demonstrated to potentially cause attention deficit disorder and autism spectrum disorder potentially.

Environmental Mass Tort Claims

Environmental mass tort lawsuits may arise when a large number of persons experience injury or injuries due to exposure to hazardous chemicals in their environment. These allegations may be related to air or water pollution, toxic waste, or hazardous substances. The Flint, Michigan water crisis is one of the most prevalent environmental mass tort lawsuits in recent memory. A modification in the water source contaminated all of Flint's drinking water with lead. More than 5,000 citizens of Flint sued the EPA for its role in the city's poor water quality. In a settlement with the state of Michigan, the residents were given $626 million.

Product Liability Mass Tort Claims

Injury lawsuits involving faulty items fall under the category of product liability mass torts. These allegations may be a result of poor design, production flaws, or insufficient warnings. In these cases, the plaintiffs are often customers who suffered injuries while utilizing the products in question. A well-known product liability mass tort action was filed against corporations that sell or produce talcum powder when it was determined that women who use talcum powder on a regular basis are at an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. In 2018, $2.1 billion in compensation was given to 22 victims.

Medical Device Mass Tort Claims

Medical device mass tort cases stem from injuries caused by faulty or unsafe medical devices. These claims might include assertions of poor design, insufficient warnings, or manufacturing flaws. Patients who experienced injury from utilizing the device typically file lawsuits in these circumstances as plaintiffs. Women started suing vaginal mesh makers and distributors in 2008 after thousands of women around the nation had major health concerns, such as vaginal discomfort, bleeding, and negative psychological effects as a result of their product. Over the years, victims have received around $525 million in compensation from various companies.

Personal Injury Mass Tort Claims

Accident-related injuries, such as those sustained in vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, or slip-and-fall incidents, give rise to personal injury mass tort lawsuits. These lawsuits might contain several plaintiffs who were hurt similarly as a consequence of the same mishap or incident. One of the most well-known mass tort cases is the battle against big tobacco companies. Numerous consumers began suing tobacco corporations for failing to sufficiently warn them about the dangers of smoking after thousands of reported cases of lung cancer, respiratory problems, and other severe medical conditions.  This classic lawsuit resulted in the cigarette Master Settlement Agreement (MSA), in which major cigarette firms paid billions of dollars to states around the country.

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