You may have seen or heard about a class action lawsuit before. Perhaps you’ve heard about one as recently as this year. If you had an email subscription or an account with Old Navy, you may have received an email about the class action lawsuit against them. Anyone who is eligible can receive payment as part of Old Navy’s class action settlement.

In a case like this, there are numerous people involved. However, when it becomes a class action lawsuit, all the people involved become a singular plaintiff. That’s what makes this type of lawsuit unique. It’s not millions of individual voices telling their story, but one. One voice explaining the wrongdoings a company has committed. A class action lawsuit occurs when there are too many voices with the same story to hear everyone out individually. However, where would mass tort fit in with all this?

What is a mass tort lawsuit? While you may have heard of a class action lawsuit, you may not be as familiar with the term mass tort. You’ll typically hear these types of lawsuits referred to by the name of the company or product. They can be referred by names such as the Johnson & Johnson Lawsuit or the Talcum Powder Lawsuit. Everybody has a voice in a mass tort case because everybody’s story is a little different.

The JUUL Lawsuit is one such example that mainly revolves around minors becoming addicted to their products. The popular e-cigarettes are responsible for a rise in teen’s becoming addicted to smoking and have even become a gateway into more serious addictions. However, the stories of these minors becoming addicted at a young age split into many stories when you consider the aftereffects of continual use. Smoking causes cancer, after all, and age isn’t an exception. There are also accounts of JUUL’s products exploding or bursting into flame, resulting in injuries for any nearby. The difference in experiences lends itself better to the complexity of mass tort lawsuits. After all, someone who developed cancer and passed away as a result of using those products probably deserves a different form of compensation than someone who became addicted and is struggling to quit.

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