Back to school season is always a big affair. For children, this means new teachers, new classmates, and new assignments. For parents, this means another school year struggling to afford costly school supplies.

Each year brings with it an extensive list of supplies, most of which are necessary to make the most of the new school year. Notebooks, binders, pencils, rulers, markers, erasers, protractors – all these supplies can add up. The list may vary from school to school, but the length and specificity of supplies can make this a difficult time for many parents. Not everybody can afford to purchase supplies regularly, year after year.

The Able Body of Believer’s Alliance (ABBA) recently hosted their annual Back-to-School event. During this event, all school supplies collected from the volunteers went to struggling families. The families who visited were provided backpacks filled with the essential supplies for the new school year.

The Licatesi Law Group assisted alongside the ABBA where we met with various families, with children of different age groups. During our time there, we handed out water bottles, canvas bags, and the occasional balloon. The Licatesi Law Group is thankful to have had an opportunity to give back to families in need.

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