Forklift injuries and accidents

Forklifts are heavy, powerful machines that can lift thousands of pounds at a time. Under the wrong circumstances, they can become unsafe. As a result, OSHA enforces strict guidelines for those operating them. Failure to follow guidelines can result in catastrophic injuries such as blunt force trauma, spine, brain, and crushing injuries, partial or full paralysis, and even death.

Forklifts need to be checked on a regular basis. A damaged, unstable, or unusable machine greatly increases the risk of injury occurring. A hazardous workspace can also be dangerous, as it can be hard to see while operating a forklift. Navigating with a large load can be tricky. Errors such as not using a horn as required, exceeding maximum weight, carrying an unstable load, not maintaining distance from ledges, and speeding can greatly increase the likelihood of an industrial accident.

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