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Elder abuse in assisted living facilities is a disturbing and widespread problem that needs to be addressed right away. We at The Licatesi Law Group are aware of the severe effects elder abuse can have on victims and their loved ones. There are a lot of risks associated with elder abuse in nursing facilities, including several types of maltreatment that can cause serious bodily and psychological harm.

The development of bed sores is a common and upsetting result of elder maltreatment in nursing facilities. Prolonged pressure on the skin, which frequently occurs when elderly individuals are kept in one position for a lengthy period of time, can develop in these unpleasant and sometimes perilous sores. Infections from bed sores can worsen the health of those who are already vulnerable. The failure to promptly address elder abuse is underscored by the potential for infections to progress into life-threatening conditions. Elder abuse frequently leads to depression, which is a covert consequence of the emotional and psychological maltreatment directed at the elderly. Some nursing home patients experience verbal abuse, neglect, or isolation, which can cause extreme emotional anguish that presents as depression. This not only lowers the senior's quality of life but also makes pre-existing medical conditions worse.

Elder abuse in nursing facilities can take many different forms, such as mistreatment that is psychological, physical, or emotional. Psychological abuse can take the form of intimidation, threats, or humiliation and can have a long-lasting negative impact on the mental health of the elderly victim. Manipulation, dehumanization, or isolation are examples of emotional abuse that can be just as harmful to a person's mental health and general quality of life. Physical abuse is an unfortunate reality that frequently occurs in nursing facilities, leading to a range of injuries including fractures, bruising, and more severe traumas. Physical abuse can take many different forms, such as abusive treatment, inappropriate application of restraints, or deliberate injury by staff members or other residents. The frequency of abuse inside the facility and the effectiveness of the safeguards put in place to stop such instances determine the risk of these injuries.

Elder Abuse Symptoms

Since the symptoms of elder abuse can be subtle, friends and family must be on the lookout for indicators of elder abuse. Abuse may be indicated by inexplicable injuries, abrupt behavioral changes, unexplained money transactions, or an unexpected unwillingness to communicate. Early detection of these symptoms is crucial to keeping the older person safe from additional injury. The probability of harm stemming from elder abuse is contingent upon the frequency of maltreatment in a certain assisted living facility. Abuse incidents and the injuries they cause are more likely to occur in facilities with poor staff training, monitoring, or preventative measures. Families must conduct in-depth research on nursing homes and select those that have strong safety procedures and a dedication to the welfare of their patients.

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Elder abuse victims are entitled to seek out the highest possible recompense for their injuries, and we at The Licatesi Law Group are prepared to fight tenaciously to ensure that they receive justice. Beyond only our legal knowledge, we are committed to helping victims and their families because we understand how serious elder abuse situations can be. Our legal team has a wealth of experience in personal injury litigation, which helps us navigate the complex legal system and effectively defend clients in matters involving elder abuse in nursing home facilities. It's critical to intervene right away 

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if you believe a loved one has been the victim of elder abuse at a nursing facility. Important actions in pursuing justice include instantly calling The Licatesi Law Group, getting the victim medical assistance, and documenting any symptoms of abuse. We carry out in-depth investigations into allegations of elder abuse, working with medical specialists to determine the severity of injuries and seeking advice from specialists to develop a strong case. Contact The Licatesi Law Group today at (516) 227-2662 for your free consultation. Securing your justice is our unwavering commitment, guiding you with exceptional legal counsel.