Over the years, numerous construction projects have ensued throughout all five boroughs in New York state. Areas are rapidly changing as hotels and apartments develop, transforming an entire community. Smaller homes are getting converted into multi-story mansion houses while some larger homes are being split into multi-family housing. This means construction workers are constantly needed. As work increases for construction workers, there is also an increase in the number of construction accidents that occur.

For example, have you ever plugged something in an outlet and received a small shock? Have you been shocked just for touching a wire that’s plugged in? It can hurt and even burn in some situations. The same can happen on a construction site, only the danger of being seriously injured is elevated. A construction worker could be digging and hit a power line. Wires could be lacking insultation meant to prevent shocks. Rainy conditions could make any live wire lethal. Plus, the more power used, the higher the chance they will overheat and start a fire. Construction accidents can be particularly lethal when it comes to electrocution.

As the voltage of the shock received increases, so too does the damage done. Past a certain point, the damage can become permanent. A smaller shock merely hurts, but as the level of electricity raises, it can cause muscle spasms and even leave it impossible for you to let go of what’s shocking you. The higher the electric current, the more likely you are to suffer from burns, organ damage, brain damage, cardiac arrest and even death. Electrocution can turn into a falling accident as well, the shock causing the victim to drop from great heights. Many facing these types of accidents do not survive or end up permanently impaired as a result of their injuries.

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