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Lenders Suspend Home Foreclosures Due to COVID-19, But What Happens Next?

Many large financial institutions are suspending foreclosures because of the massive economic damage caused by COVID-19. Some banks have stopped proceedings indefinitely. Others have set time limits for foreclosure suspensions such as 60 or 90 days. Even as health and financial issues remain uncertain, this is a good time for homeowners to take stock and Read More

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Will You Get Property Tax Relief Due to the COVID-19 National Emergency?

Governments and even some private businesses have worked to ease the burden on people who are struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For people who are concerned about losing their home after being laid off or seeing their business revenue plummet, programs have been established to offer rent and mortgage relief. While many will Read More

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How Stay at Home Orders Are Affecting Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing a home is both an exciting milestone and an extremely stressful event. Even when things are running normally in the United States, people who are buying a property must deal with numerous moving parts and expenses. With nearly every facet of our lives upended by the global COVID-19 pandemic, prospective owners are faced with Read More

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Keeping your home: a recent victory

By Rubin & Licatesi, P.C. posted in Real Estate on Monday, May 14, 2018. Many families here in Long Island and around the country get behind in their mortgage payments. The anxiety and pain that this causes is real, because losing a home is about much more than a financial loss. The loss of the Read More

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On behalf of Rubin & Licatesi, P.C. posted in Real Estate on Sunday, August 21, 2016. As our law firm continues to defend our clients in their fight to preserve and protect their civil and property rights in residential mortgage foreclosure actions, the banks’ use of “robo-signers” to prepare foreclosure documents remains a viable and Read More

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Insurance Companies Abusive Tactics Of Claim Avoidance Hurting Legitimate Healthcare Providers And P

INSURANCE COMPANIES’ ABUSIVE TACTICS OF CLAIM AVOIDANCE HURTING LEGITIMATE HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS AND PERSONAL INJURY VICTIMS OF AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS On behalf of Rubin & Licatesi, P.C. posted in Real Estate on Tuesday, July 8, 2014. In New York, No-fault laws were enacted in 1974 with the goals of: (1) Ensuring that all automobile accident victims are Read More

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The Law May Apply Different Standards For Slip And Fall Injuries Related To Recreational Activities

On behalf of Rubin & Licatesi, P.C. posted in personal injury on Saturday, May 3, 2014. For many sports enthusiasts, if they do not get hurt while participating in sports and other recreational activities, they did not have fun. Whether it’s a painful neck injury due to a slip on a muddy baseball field while Read More

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New York Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Protect Client From Losing Home

NEW YORK FORECLOSURE DEFENSE ATTORNEYS PROTECT CLIENT FROM LOSING HOME On behalf of Rubin & Licatesi, P.C. posted in Real Estate on Friday, April 18, 2014. On March 29, 2013, the Appellate Division, 2nd Judicial Department, Supreme Court of the State of New York ruled that the order denying the dismissal of the complaint, all Read More

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On behalf of Rubin & Licatesi, P.C. posted in Real Estate on Friday, April 18, 2014. Long Island real estate lawyers Rubin & Licatesi, P.C. secured the dismissal of foreclosure proceedings on behalf of their client Mohammad Alam (Hon. Robert J. McDonald, NY Supreme Court, Queens County, Index No. 15637/08, 3/21/13).According to court documents, Rubin Read More

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  • $8 Million

    Plaintiff sustained a series of fractures and other injuries to the right shin, heel and foot, requiring nailing of the right tibia with two proximal and two distal locking bolts, ultimately resulting in below-the-knee amputation

  • $3 Million

    Infant plaintiff sustained encephalopathy as result of DPT vaccination administered by NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation.

  • $1.7 Million

    Plaintiff was involved in a car accident resulting in multiple disc herniations requiring percutaneous fluoroscopic-guided epidural treatment and lumbar fusion laminectomy.

  • $1.3 Million

    47 year old male police officer injured as a result of surgical malpractice by an orthopedic surgeon resulting in an inability to work and permanent impairment of gait.

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