Long Island Lawyers Handle Damage Claims for Amputation Sufferers

Attorneys in Brooklyn and Uniondale fight for full compensation for life-changing injuries

The amputation of an arm, leg, hand, foot or other body part is a catastrophic injury that creates a permanent disability. An amputee may not be able return to work or otherwise earn a living wage and may be unable to care for themselves or their family. They experience chronic pain and may require ongoing treatment or surgery. Medical care alone often costs more than most families can pay, even if they have health insurance. This permanent impact on health and well-being entitles the victim to demand that those responsible pay full compensation. The Licatesi Law Group has championed the legal rights of amputees in Brooklyn, Uniondale and greater New York since 1981.

Various accidents and conditions can lead to amputations

Amputations are sometimes necessitated by a physical condition, such as frostbite, peripheral vascular disease, infection or a cancerous tumor. But the need for amputation can also arise from:

  • A traumatic injury, such as crushing or burning of an arm, leg or other extremity in a motor vehicle, workplace or construction accident or due to a defective product.
  • Medical malpractice, either through surgical error or by failure to give a correct and timely diagnosis of, or thorough treatment to, an illness or condition.

In such cases, the person whose wrongful conduct or negligence caused the underlying injury may be liable for all damages resulting from the amputation.

Compensating for the severe, lasting implications of an amputation

As a firm of personal injury lawyers, we know how to accurately evaluate all of your past, current and potential future losses stemming from an amputation. These include the costs of:

  • medical care
  • prosthetic limbs
  • physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • modifications to homes or vehicles
  • hiring aides to perform household chores and other needed tasks

Damages also are recoverable for lost wages and earning capacity as well as for pain and suffering.

Our firm has a proven track record of successful outcomes in such cases. We won an $8 million settlement for a client with a below-the-knee amputation, which was at the time the largest settlement in New York’s Second Judicial Department.

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