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Many people seemingly minding their own business could find themselves caught in up unexpected incidents. While some of those events may not have much consequence, others could result in serious accidents and injuries. Car accidents are a common type of unanticipated occurrence that can have severe outcomes and leave many individuals hurt and confused.

A recent accident in New York took place under unusual circumstances. Reports stated that a vehicle had been leaving a parking spot in a lot opposite a laundry facility when it accelerated and crashed into the laundry establishment. The vehicle went through the storefront and all the way to the back of the facility. There were multiple people inside the facility at the time of the accident. The driver of the vehicle was reported as being 74 years old.

The event caused six people to suffer injuries. Three of those individuals were considered to be seriously injured, and the remaining three suffered minor injuries. They were all transported from the scene to an area hospital. The driver was counted among the injured parties, but it was unclear whether that person suffered serious or minor injuries.

Sudden accidents and injuries can cause considerable hardship for those affected. The individuals seriously hurt in this New York incident may wonder how they will contend with the medical bills and other expenses resulting from this event. Luckily, they do have legal options when it comes to seeking compensation for damages, and information on filing personal injury claims against the driver considered at fault may prove useful to them if they are interested in such action.

Source: New York Daily News, “Car plows into NYC laundry; 6 injured in apparent accident”, Sept. 3, 2017

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