In New York, individuals were being allowed back into nursing homes despite being in a hospital where coronavirus was present. Many were concerned by this news, due to the high amounts of illnesses and deaths in nursing homes during the current pandemic. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office defended this decision by stating that New York was just following a CDC directive stating that nursing homes should not deny anyone coming from hospitals where Covid is present. This order also does not allow nursing homes from denying admission based on a “confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19”.

Although there may be some merit to protecting individuals who would like to return to their nursing home facilities, the death rate in New York nursing homes has risen higher than 5,000 individuals. This number does not reflect the number of individuals infected from COVID-19 in nursing homes or sent to the hospital due to the virus.

Many individuals with loved ones in nursing homes are concerned with the potential that this policy of admitting individuals with potential for infecting others into nursing homes can put their loved ones at risk of illness or even death.

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