Due to the uncertainties of COVID-19, more people are social distancing and staying local.  While  accidents that involve motor vehicles are down, other accident numbers are up. These accidents include trip and falls. Why? Due to social distancing and the mandated stay at home orders from our local government, less people are driving, and more people are walking and running. This exposes many of these walkers or runners to street and sidewalk deficiencies in their local towns. People that are involved in these accidents are scared and confused about what to do next. This is a normal reaction. Do they call the police? Can they sue? Do they need ongoing medical treatment for the foreseeable future? All of these questions are important and should be dealt with by the professionals. The Licatesi Law Group is here to help. Your local town owes you a duty of reasonable care to make sure the streets and sidewalks are safe to use to the average walker or runner. If the town breaches their duty to its citizens, it is very possible you are to be justly compensated for your injuries. The Licatesi Law Group has dealt with a vast
number of these cases to help the injured individuals be justly compensated for their serious personal injuries. If you are one of these individuals who believes you have been wrongfully injured due to your town’s negligence, contact us now at 516-227-2662.